lamb's liver (60%), wholemeal flour, free-range eggs, water

Wholemeal Liver Cake

Option 2
  • Give your pooch a nutritiously rich meaty liver treat with this wholemeal liver cake. It contains 60% lamb's liver and is outstanding as a training treat. Dogs absolutely LOVE IT and will do just about anything to get it, making your training regime all the more productive and rewarding for both trainer and trainee.  


    Large pieces measure approximately 5cm x 10cm and small pieces approximately 5cm square. It can easily be cut in the desired sized pieces to suit your fur baby.  Alternatively, it can be posted out to you already cut up, please specify upon ordering.


    Please refrigerate.  This product will keep for at least 5 days in the refrigerator.  Alternatively, freeze on day of receipt.


    Please note:  Liver cake is always posted out on the day of baking which is usually twice weekly. Therefore, please allow up to 7 days from purchase to delivery. Also, please select 1st class postage when nordering to ensure freshness.

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