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The Cornish Barkery produces delicious and nutritious gourmet dog treats for your beloved pooch.  Treats include a range of biscuits, pupcakes, pupcorn, pretzels, flapjacks, liver cake, personalised celebration cakes, gift bags and seasonal gifts.  All treats are lovingly home-made in Cornwall and are free of additives and preservatives.  Only good quality, locally sourced (where possible), human-grade ingredients are used which are both healthy and tasty.

Go on, lavish your love on your pampered pooch with these chop-smackingly tasty treats!   The sheer deliciousness of these delectable morsels will leave your doggie begging for more!

The Cornish Barkery is fully insured and licensed with Trading Standards as a pet food manufacturer (TSR06). Feed hygiene licence number: GB280/4571. 

Full approval has also been granted from DEFRA.  ABP approval number: 36/478/8103. Treats are regularly sent away for routine micro-biological testing so you can rest assured you are not only giving your beloved pooch a tasty treat but a 100% safe one too.

The Cornish Barkery supports environmental issues and is keen to reduce its carbon footprint.  Therefore, most treats are available in PLASTIC FREE packaging.  Simply select whichever packaging you'd like upon order.

How did The Cornish Barkery begin its journey?

"It all began in 2015 when I started to hear horror stories (thanks to social media) about the rubbish and nasties that go into some mass-produced supermarket dog treats.  Obviously, I wanted to do my best by my dog (as we all do) so giving her these treats was not an option for either of us.  I'd always been a keen baker for humans so I decided to turn my hand to baking for my own fur baby - Bluebelle.  She absolutely loved the treats (as did her friends) and I loved baking them but there was only so many she could eat!  Spurred on by the knowledge that my dog treats are healthy (as well as tasty) and by Bluebelle's enthusiasm in her new role as Chief Taster; The Cornish Barkery was born."

Cheryl Rowley (treat inventor and baker)

Meet Bluebelle - our Chief Taster

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