INGREDIENTS (depending on biscuit type):
wholemeal flour, lean minced beef, pork sausage meat, tuna fish, mature cheddar cheese, dog-friendly chocolate chips, beef dripping, fresh 24-month matured Italian parmesan cheese, water and dried herbs.

Happy Birthday Doggie Gift Bag

  • Perfect as a birthday gift, these Happy Birthday print bags come packed with 6 of the best selling Cornish Barkery treats and will have your doggie begging for more.


    Bags contain:

    • 3 meaty wholemeal beef burger biscuits containing 35% real lean minced beef.
    • 3 tasty wholemeal pork & sage sausage biscuits containing 35% tasty pork sausage meat.
    • 3 nutritious wholemeal tuna fish finger biscuits containing 35% healthy tuna fish.
    • 3 indulgent choc chip cookies containing dog-friendly chocolate chips.
    • 30g of yummy cheesy basil bones containg mature cheddar cheese.
    • 30g of mouth-drooling cheesy bites containing mature cheddar cheese and 24-month matured Italian parmesan cheese.


    Bags come complete with a gift tag and are tied with a ribbon.