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Carrot & Peanut Butter - wholemeal flour, fresh carrot, peanut butter, free-range eggs, water


Liver - fresh lamb's liver, wholemeal flour, free-range eggs, water

Personalised Celebration Cake

  • This special and delicious peanut butter and carrot celebration cake will have your doggie begging for more as it contains real peanut butter (xylitol free) and nutritious fresh carrot.  It has a collar of choc chip (dog safe, of course!) biscuits around the edge and is topped with dog-friendly chocolate. A ribbon is tied around the cake to make it extra special.


    The cake can be personalised with your choice of message which will be written using specially formulated sugar-free icing for pet treats.


    Please note: main photograph shows 5" cake.


    As all cakes are baked fresh to order, please allow give at least one week notice when ordering. Also, please select 1st class postage to ensure freshness. These cakes wil last for 5 days in a cool, dry place.  The liver cake option will need to be refrigerated.

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